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DOB:  August 15, 1981
Place of Birth: Seattle, WA
Current residence: Oregon
Turned pro: 2015 Road, 2013 Cyclocross
Speciality: All-arounder with a penchant for time trials, one-day races, leadouts, and break-away efforts. I'm always happy to work for my team. 
First bike: Blue Schwinn maybe? Roller Blades.
Interests outside of cycling: Skiing and fishing,
What inspires you?  I am inspired by others living unabashedly and accomplishing creative life goals. Also: big mountains and country music.
2017 season goals: Firstly, to support my team,which includes the improvement of leadout efforts for our sprinters and race finishers. Second, to improve individual time trial results and have a go at a late-race breakaway.
Something you wish you would have been told as an amateur: Don't measure yourself against other athletes. Everyone is different and finds success through different methods, avenues, and measure of happiness in the sport. Be a teammate first, but always take care of yourself. If's okay to be humble, kind, and fiercely competitive all at once. Failures are hidden successes, and you will have loads of them. Like everything in life, your relationships with people in cycling are what matter most, and through them you will find support, opportunity, and inspiration.
Guilty pleasure: Pleasures shouldn't be guilty. I love Bourbon and dark chocolate equally with zero regrets. 

Twitter: @BethAnnOrton
Instagram: @BethAnnOrton