Age:  28
Place of Birth:  Tulsa, Oklahoma
Current residence:  Bellingham, WA
Turned pro:  2016
Speciality: Sprinting, GIFs, crafts, and working hard.
First bike:  A HOT pink specialized hardrock. I hated riding it, but loved that bike. 
Interests outside of cycling:  Embroidering, quilting, other people's dogs, cotton candy, and 'Turning Up'. 
Hero:  Momma Tam! She's been my number-one lead out for years. She's accumulated a few National championships, but her compassionate and giving heart is what really makes me look up to her. A hero on all accounts!
What inspires you? I draw my inspiration from the people in my life who have shown me first hand how to overcome adversity, and the ways in which the journey of overcoming can be greater than the end goal itself. 
What do you want to accomplish in your cycling career:  My goals are very qualitative... I'll accomplish all of my goals if I gain some positive experiences with my team, gain great relationships, and make my teammates and sponsors proud. What more could I ask for! 
Something you with you would have been told as an amateur:  Quit your yappin' and get to brappin'!

Twitter: @ivyaudrain
Instagram: @ivyaudrain